About Sam and all of his SAS tips

After coding in SAS for over 7 years and working in a variety of organizations and institutions, Sam has acquired a wealth of SAS skills and experiences that he wishes to pass on to those willing to listen and have fun. Knowing full well what it is like to learn a programming language with almost no resources, this page is dedicated to the true beginner – those who are not too savvy with programming languages yet wish to be competent in SAS. Sam’s goal for the page is to provide rich examples and detailed walkthroughs on the full scope of SAS programming topics, from basic concepts such as libnames and datasteps to advanced topics such as the SAS macro language.

Perhaps the most fun aspect about programming in general is the fact that there is often more than one way to accomplish a task. So by all means, if you find one of Sam’s tips lack-luster, demonstrate a better way to do it in the comments! If you’re lucky, and if your code is impressive, Sam may even add your code to the post and cite you – elevating you to the status of those worthy of providing SAS tips.